English courses for Models



General description

MSQ provides English courses for Models.

The programme of the courses is being developed and is periodically updated in accordance with the suggestions of the professional models and specialists involved in fashion-industry.

The focus is on spoken English: essential topics, that models directly experience during their work abroad, are fully covered.

Groups are constituted with regard to the level of English language knowledge and the intensity. The maximum number of student within one group is 6. It is essential for us to pay attention to every student and take into account their needs. During our classes the communicative skills are being developed, the foreing language communicative barrier is being overcome.

The course programme

  • Main touristic information

Now you cannot get confused at the airport, in a strange city, because you know how to ask for direction.

  • Model's lexicon

Yes, Models have lexicon.

  • With Artists

While the stylists and make-up artists are doing their job, you can easily talk with them about new beauty products and to learn how they work from those people, who work directly with cosmetic products everyday. You can ask what products fit particularly to you or what hairstyle or hair color are going to be trendy in the coming year. 

  • Apparel and accessories

Now you definitely know what is in your wardrobe; how to name this or that element of clothing or accessories in English; what you should wear to a casting of this or that brand.

  • The greatest

Do you want to chat about the greatest fashion houses, models and photographers of all time with your new international friends? No problem!

                    The meetings with designers, stylists, make-up artists, nutrition experts, beauticians and other experts connected to fashion industry will be held periodically. The experts' advices will be interesting and useful for Model.

                    All meetings are going to be presented in English only!


Classes are held 2-3 times a week.

Please contact us: msqmodels@gmail.com or phone numbers: +375(29) 508-80-08 (Viber)  to get the registration and the additional information about the time.

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