Hi, my name is Arisha :)
I’ve started to like fashion and everything that is connected with it since I was a child. I always liked to look in fashion magazines and watch other models on fashion shows.
I’ve decided to try myself as a model tree years ago and my parents back me up with this. Then I’ve met the MSQ Management’s team and my dream - to become a professional model - began to come true.
I study at school, in fact, this is my favourite place, not to mention my home. I like learning something new, settling down some problems, I like when there is no even a free minute. I’m delighted at English language, this is my favourite subject.
Three years in a row I took the first place at school academic competition in English. My dream is to know English perfectly! Also I would like to learn some oriental language, because oriental culture attracts me.
I love travelling. I like visiting famous places and sights, getting familiar with different cultures and traditions, as well as communicating with new people.
When you travel, you find yourself in an exciting new environment that inspires you for sure...
Reading is one of my favourite hobbies, I prefer fiction and novels, I like  riding a bicycle and hiking with my dog.
Large, unusual Arisha’s eyes –that is love at first sight! We believe that this intelligent, purposeful Model will succeed and the world of fashion will hear about her!

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21 July 2017 | Beauty | Social | Celebrities | New faces
Frank ARISHA...

Frank ARISHA...

Frank ARISHA... by Drozdova
23 Dec 2016 | Beauty | Models | New faces
We are glad to introduce - ARISHA

We are glad to introduce - ARISHA

7 Dec 2016 | Beauty | Models | New faces