Hi! First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Nika. I am 16 years old. I was born and live in the city of Volkovysk (Belarus). I have a mom, a dad and two younger brothers.
I take a responsible attitude to school, because I understand that only a knowledgeable person can be successful in our twenty-first century. My favorite subject is biology, I always prepare very carefully for it. I also like history, because for a long time I have understood for myself - to understand the present, it is necessary to know the past well. I gave all the rest of my soul and heart to creativity. I graduated from art and music school. I have many interesting hobbies: photography, painting, playing the piano, traveling. My main hobby, to which I give maximum attention, is photography. But if I'm interested in something new, then I will definitely try myself in this. In people, I value first of all honesty, kindness, a sense of justice and intellect.
What is my character?I think it's not bad. I am a kind, calm, hardworking and responsible person. Ideal people do not exist, and I, of course, also have their shortcomings. Therefore, you need to engage in self-education, to watch yourself, to be able to see your own shortcomings, to treat yourself objectively, in order to become obsolete in your character all bad and change for the better - for the better for yourself and for others.
I am a sociable person. I like to get acquainted with new people. I think that friendship is very important thing in a person's life. And I am surrounded by wonderful people who are always ready to help me and support me in everything.
Until 15 years, I never thought about the career of the model. On the evening of the meeting, where I was engaged in registering graduates of our school of different years of issues, I was approached by an employee of the model agency MSQ and asked if I would like to try myself as a model. Now I'm here.
You ask: "Why do I want to become a model?" It's very simple: - I want to devote my life to the business I love and that I like. I like this rhythm and style of life, I like constant trips, I like that thanks to the labor of models it is easier for a person to make a choice when buying clothes. . If you get into the TOP, then the work model is well paid, it gets famous, contracts with the world's brands. And money is not superfluous. Maybe it's loud, but - honestly !!! The work of the model is a hard and hard work. Never in your life glory does not fall on you in one day, for this you should work hard. But I have a goal, and I will do everything possible to achieve it. It's more correct to say we - me and the MSQ team.

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